clay richardson

Clay grew up in Atlanta, Georgia and is the son of an advertising copywriter and interior decorator. He readily admits that having parents with these occupations could cause ADD and the inability to use the left side of the brain. Regardless, he dove into the business during college. He performed in student productions and upon graduation got an agent and went out on auditions for commercials, industrials, and film and TV roles. His big break happened when he landed a leading role as Weasel in Jon Klein’s T-Bone n’ Weasel. Presented by Southern Fried Productions, the comedy play chronicles the life of two ex-cons who stumble their way through life after prison. He would go on to other auditions and roles but he always knew there was more to him than just a headshot.


That’s when he became the “accidental screenwriter”. It happened by chance after he met Jim Giuffre at a restaurant. He would tell Clay about his involvement in a highly publicized lawsuit in New Jersey. The story was a gritty against-all-odds saga that immediately conjured up images of a great crime thriller movie. Clay knew he had to write Giuffre’s script. After several months of meetings and negotiation, he optioned Giuffre’s life story rights.


That opportunity would lead him to a first look deal with a producer. He optioned another life story and then a fact-based book for an eventual Civil War TV project. He pressed on and developed his resume with voiceovers, a hilarious short film and several other screenplays. He believes his experience is more like a creative journey. He’s still trying to dream up a title for someone who wants to do it all. He’ll make it up. He’s sure Webster’s dictionary has room for one more word.


Clay lives in Los Angeles and loves the sunny California weather, golf, movies and is a die hard poker player.


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