clay richardson


The Not So Private Det.                      The Detective          Dir: L. Hollingsworth

Chakra Love                                        Ray                                  Dir: Jeff Bonilla

Autorequiem                                        Sean                           Dir: Ken Horstman

The New Professionals                        Paul                                C15 Productions

Glory, Glory                                       Cpl. Smith                      Aaron Spelling TV

Go West                                               Boom Operator               Dir: John Ward

American Gothic                                  John                               Dir: Nick Marck

Andersonville                                       Union Sailor   Dir: John Frankenheimer

Countdown to Death                            Paulie                       Dir: Randall Nielson

A Star for Gilbert                                 Clyde                            Dir: J.D. Barfield


Witness for the Prosecution                 Court Clerk                Thalian Association

A Few Good Men                                 Cpl. Howard             Tapestry Theatre

T’Bone n’ Weasel                                 Weasel           Southern Fried Productions

Pizzeria of Pain                                    Jim                         University of Georgia
The Lion in Winter                               John                       University of Georgia
Company                                             Earl                        University of Georgia


University of Georgia - BA in Drama                                   

Joe Gallison - The Actor’s Lab                                                          

Shay Griffin Casting Director Workshop                  

Shari Rhodes - A Casting Director Weekend                        

Tom Capps Acting Workshop - Master Class                        

The Alliance Theatre School:                         

Film Audition Class


Tom Capps Improvisational Weekend                                   

The Film Scene                                                                      

The Film Class

The Bubba to Bif Foundation
Earthian 4 - Japanimation
C&S Paint Center
Swensen's Ice Cream
Blockade Runner




Hair: Light Brown * Eyes: Green * Height: 5’6” * Weight: 155lbs

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